Homebridge plugin for utilising RF-controllable fans.
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$ cnpm install @benncarroll/homebridge-rf-fan 
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Homebridge plugin for utilising RF-controllable fans (yypically 433MHz). This plugin interfaces with @benncarroll/homebridge-rf-fan-api, which works by first learning the RF codes, and sending them out to control the fan and lights in the desired way.


This doc assumes you alreayd have homebridge up and running, as well as the API.

  1. Install this plugin using: npm install -g @benncarroll/homebridge-rf-fan
  2. Edit config as per below
  3. Run/restart homebridge

Homebridge Configuration:

Example config

  "accessories": [
          "accessory": "RF-Remote Fan",
          "name": "Bedroom Fan",
          "light_name": "Bedroom Light",
          "host": "",
          "id": 1,
          "speeds": 3


Property Description
accessory Required. Must be "RF-Remote Fan"
name Required. Desired name of your device, e.g. "Bedroom Fan"
light_name Optional. Name of Light. If not set, will be name + " Light"
host Required. IP Address & Port of API Instance
id Required. Device ID as configured on API (One API instance can support multiple fans)
speeds Required. Number of fan speeds, e.g. 3 for Fan with Off, Low, Med, High

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