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$ cnpm install @beecode/bc-msh -g
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This tool was created to be used in specific environment. We are using it for managing multiple microservice project that are sitting next to each other in one parent project.

example: Project name = Simple Project (short sp)

sp                      <parent project>
├── auth                <microservice>
├── node-common         <shared library>
├── type-definitions    <shared typescript definitions>
├── .gitignore          <parent project is ignoring all microservice projects>
├── .msh
├── docker-compose.yml

First feature added was the git bach commands and it was used to easily and quickly clone all repositories and perform functions like git status and git pull. Because of this we decided to have certain naming convention.

We chose to have a prefix for every project which takes first letters of the projects name Simple Project => sp, so for authentication microservice we get sp-auth. But when we clone it strip the prefix.


configuration is stored in the file .msh located at the root of your project. You can generate init config file by calling msh -i



also you can use .msh-user (next to the .msh) at your root dir to store user override values like




Perform git commands on all project specified in .mas config file under PROJECTS. All commands are executed asynchronously.

  • status - Get git status for all microservice projects

  • fetch - Perform git fetch for all microservice projects

  • pull - Perform git pull for all microservice projects

  • clone - Clone all microservice projects. If GIT_PROJECT_PREFIX is set the project prefix is going to be striped for all projects.


Removes files, folder and docker images.

  • npm - Remove node_modules folder from microservice projects.

  • docker images - Remove docker images for microservice and base images in DOCKER_BASE_IMAGES list


  • global - Gathers all npm packages used in all project listed in PROJECTS, and stores them into package.json located in the master/parent project. Notifies if there are multiple versions used for the same package.

pull request

  • create/merge - Currently available only for Bitbucket projects. Try to create pull request for all projects from master to production


Usage: msh [option...]


   -g | --git [cmd]
          clone        Clone all project
          pull         Pull all projects
          fetch        Fetch all projects
          status       Get status for all projects

   -i | --init         Initiate .msh config file with default values

   -c | --clean [cmd]
          npm          Clean all node_modules folders
          docker       Remove all docker images (do a "docker-compose down" command first)

   -n | --npm          Run npm i in all containers

   -p | --pr           Generate PR for all projects (added option to auto merge)

   -h | --help         Display this help

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