CLI Utils at BeCode. Useful for everyone at BeCode.
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BeCode: CLI

⚙️ CLI Utils at BeCode. Useful for everyone.

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BeCode CLI is a command-line based util, with useful tools to automate some of your dev tasks at BeCode.


Junior or Coach, introducing BeCode CLI: a small util tool, giving you some great commands without leaving your terminal.
For now, this tool allows you to navigate to our different GitHub repositories, generate complete docker dev environments or generate README.md files according to BeCode standards.

But remember: BeCode CLI is yours. Feel free to contribute, add new features or requests new ones.

Use cases

Generating docker environment for your projects

The BeCode CLI can generate a docker-compose.yml file to handle the dev env for your project.
Simply run becode generate env from inside a git repository and answer the questions.

You can either install predefined application environment (like Wordpress, Drupal, Ghost…), or build a custom environment, by choosing your main language, your database and tools.

The BeCode CLI will generate two files: a complete, ready-to-use docker-compose.yml file ; and a docker-readme.md file, containing all the information about docker (how to install and configure), and the containers of your app.

Generating complete README.md template files

The BeCode CLI can generate a README.md respecting our internal guidelines.

Simply run becode generate readme from inside a git repository and answer the questions.


You must have node.js installed on your machine.

Simply run the following command to install the BeCode CLI:

npm install -g @becode/cli


The command use this syntax:

becode [command] [args...]

If you need help, use the help command:

becode --help

???? Recommanded: use npx

While the command can be a bit longer, it's better to use npx instead of installing packages globally.

To do so, instead of using becode command, use npx @becode/cli:

npx @becode/cli [command] [args...]

Available commands


becode configure

Ask you some questions to setup the cli tool.
Should be run once, possibly right after installing the cli tool.


becode open [target] [...options]

Open the selected target in your default browser.

Available targets
  • central: open the Central repository
  • watch: open the Watch repository
  • promo: open the repository of your promo - you must have run the command configure once before
  • github: open your GitHub profile (or, if you haven't configured your tool, the GitHub homepage)
  • my or mybecode: open the MyBeCode platform
Available options
  • -c --choose : Choose promo in a list instead of using the configured one


becode generate [target] [...options]

Use interactive process to generate useful files for your projects.

Available targets
  • readme: generate a README.md file that conforms with the BeCode's conventions
  • ignore: generate a common .gitignore file
  • env: generate a docker compose env, after some questions
Available options
  • -o <path>, --output <path> : Generate target files at specified path (defaults to current git repo root) - not supported for the ignore target


Feel free to hack the tool, suggest any modification and/or implement it by yourself and submit a pull request !

The contribution guide is in the CONTRIBUTING.md file.

Any idea? Suggestions?

You don't want (or can't) help, but you have some ideas to improve BeCode CLI?
Please, create an issue and tell us everything.

October 2018, leny@BeCode. Licensed under the MIT License.

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