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$ cnpm install @beast-oe/cli-base 
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Beast CLI Framework

Beast CLI Framework repository for building command line applications.

Extra Information

Extra information about the various files available in the library.

Installation steps

Add cli-base library as a dependency:

  $npm install cli-base

Usage Example

Define a command by extending CommandBase class as below:

const CommandBase = require("cli-base");

class SampleCommand extends CommandBase {
   * Constructor of the comand.
  constructor() {
    super("validate", "Validate application configuration file");
    // specify comand arguments with description and validator
    this._argument("<file>", "application.json file path", /^(.*)[\\/]application.json$/);

    // specify command options
      "Outputs the result in xml format.",
      "Outputs the result in json format.",
      "Outputs the result in string file format.",

   * Runs the command code.
   * @param {Object} args The arguments of the command.
   * @param {Object} options The options of the command.
   * @param {Object} logger The logger.
  async run(args, options, logger) {

    // add in here the command action


Use CLIManager class to register defined commands, parse and run input commands.

const CLIManager = require("cli-base");
const application = require("../package.json");
const SampleCommand = require("./commands/SampleCommand");

const cliManager = new CLIManager(application.version, application.description);
// register SampleCommand
cliManager.registerCommand(new SampleCommand());


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