auth strategy for OAuth 2.0 SSO.
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$ cnpm install @bcoe/npme-auth-oauth2-restricted 
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auth strategy for OAuth2 SSO.


Note: The whitelist file and plugin should both be saved/installed to the Miscellaneous Data Files folder as you've configured it for your npmE instance.

The default is /usr/local/lib/npme/data


The change directory command may be different based on your configuration (see note above).

cd /usr/local/lib/npme/data
sudo npm i @bcoe/npme-auth-oauth2-restricted


Go to your npm Enterprise admin console (on port 8800 of your server), select the Settings tab and then choose the OAuth2 option under the Authentication section. Fill out the configuration fields for your OAuth provider and click Save to apply your setting.

Next, switch to Custom for Authentication and populate each of the plugin settings as /etc/npme/data/node_modules/@bcoe/npme-auth-oauth2-restricted:

Config Field Config Value
Authorization plugin /etc/npme/data/node_modules/@bcoe/npme-auth-oauth2-restricted
Authentication plugin /etc/npme/data/node_modules/@bcoe/npme-auth-oauth2-restricted
Session plugin /etc/npme/data/node_modules/@bcoe/npme-auth-oauth2-restricted

Click Save a final time to apply these settings.


Create the whitelist file, user-whitelist.txt in the Misecellaneous Data Files directory (ex: /usr/local/lib/npme/data).

Each user that you want to have access to npmE must be listed on a separate line, by their email address.

Restart Your Instance

Navigate to your instance's dashboard and use the buttons to stop and restart the instance. After the restart, only users in the whitelist file will be permitted to authenticate.

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