A helper to convert `oc get [objects]` call into a template
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$ cnpm install @bcgov/oc-template 
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Template Cleaning Tool

A helper to convert oc get [objects] call into a template

A small node js script is provided to strip away useless defaults that are generated from a command like oc get all --export=true -o yaml > somefile.yaml

This command pulls down all objects including their preset metadata which is useless in the context of a reusable template.

What does the Node Script do?

Strips out:

  • clusterIp references
  • metadata.creationTimestamp
  • metadata.selfLink
  • metadata.namespace
  • metadata.resourceVersion
  • uids
  • useless openshift objects like replica sets and replication controllers and pods

Optionally it can convert a list into a template

How to use

requires Node JS 10.15.3 or higher npx @bcgov/oc-template -h


  1. Auto-parameterizing templates :fire:


pr your suggestions in here in a list

  • template linting/verification
  • testing setup with mocha/chai


Working on

  • no suggestions yet! Make an issue!

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