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$ cnpm install @axa-ch/pod-myaxa-helloworld 
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MyAXA react-based frontend (started 2018/11)

Local development

  1. Clone this repo
  2. Run npm install or yarn
  3. Run npm run start or use IDEA run configuration called myaxa start dev
  4. Open http://localhost:3000 and happy coding!

Hot module reload

  • To use hmr use npm run start:hmr


Storybook is an open source tool for developing UI components in isolation for React, Vue, and Angular. It makes building stunning UIs organized and efficient.

More info on official website or tutorial

We currently use version ^5.0.0

To add new stories use *.stories.tsx postfix in filename


For local development run npm run storybook or use Run Configuration in IDEA.

Open http://localhost:3004 and happy coding!


Run npm run storybook:publish. This will build static files into /docs folder and push it into origin/gh-pages.

Live version is available here: https://pages.github.axa.com/axa-ch-myaxa/myaxa-fe/


  • git v 1.9+ is needed.
  • you may experience caching content in browser. refresh page with Ctrl+Shift+R to load last version.

Adding an icon

  • Copy your new icon into icons folder
  • Make sure the icon:
    • does not contain to width and height props. (we set dimensions with scss)
    • color (if has) is set to currentColor (we set color with scss)
  • Run npm run icons - to check for duplicite icons, to optimize icons (will create optimized folder with icons - not included in git), create sprite, generate file with types for TS
  • If duplicite icon warning appears, you should remove duplicite local icon.
  • Enjoy your icons :)


  • I don't see project folders in IntelliJ IDEA
  1. Go to File/Project Structure
  2. Under Modules tab click to + and select Add new module
  3. Select static web from options and in dialog windows select current root path to your repository root.
  4. Hit finish.

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