Avot automates the creation of microservices.
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$ cnpm install @avot/avot 
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Avot automates the creation of microservices in your project. It's is fully customizable.

  • It asks the questions you define.
  • Runs your pre scripts. (eg. create git repo and build pipeline)
  • Scaffolds your template files by copying them to your preferred location and replacing variable words.
  • Running your post scripts. (eg. commit and push to git)

Avot has served it's purpose when it is as easy as "avot new", to create a microservice with built in:

  • repository setup
  • build pipeline setup
  • template scaffolding
  • after scripts

How To


npm i -g @avot/avot


  • To your project structure create an avot configuration file
  • To your project structure create a template directory for avot to scaffold a new service
  • Run avot new if you have avot.json in the root of your project or avot new --path path/to/avot.json

Configuration File

An example avot.json

  "variableQuestions": [
      "name": "SERVICE_NAME",
      "message": "Service name:"
  "preCommands": [
      "command": "echo",
      "args": ["'SERVICE_NAME'"]
  "paths": {
    "fromDirectory": "../files",
    "toDirectory": "../services"
  "postCommands": [
      "command": "echo",
      "args": ["'hello world'"]


The value of property "name" will be replaced everywhere in your scaffold files and commands. The value of property "message" will be displayed as the question in the cli. "SERVICE_NAME" is reserved for file and folder naming purposes.

preCommands & postCommands

You can run any commands pre and post scaffolding your template files. The property "command" is the command to be executed. The property "args" are the arguments passed to the command. You can add flags and anything else to the args property.


The property "fromDirectory" should point to your service template directory. The property "toDirectory" should point to your services root directory.


  • A working version with customization only
  • A how to guide
  • A small contribution guide


  • avot init to create basic folder and files to current directory.


  • Fork
  • Hack
  • Run node index.js new --path example/config/avot.json to try it out
  • Pull request

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