Avocado: The universal App container
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$ cnpm install @avocadojs/cli 
SYNC missed versions from official npm registry.

AvocadoJS CLI

The AvocadoJS command-line interface should be installed locally and executed through npm scripts.

npm install @avocado/cli --save-dev

Local Commands

Below is an example of running Avocado commands from a webapp's npm scripts within the local package.json file.

package.json scripts

  scripts: {
    "avocado.create": "avocado create",
    "avocado.sync": "avocado sync"
    "build": "tsc && npm run avocado.sync"

CLI Commands

sync [platform]     updates + copy
update [platform]   updates the native plugins and dependencies based in package.json
copy [platform]     copies the web app build into the native app
open [platform]     opens the native project workspace (xcode for iOS)
create [platform]   create a native project
doctor [platform]   checks the current setup for common errors
plugin:generate     start a new avocado plugin

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