Internal CLI tools for the VIP team at Automattic
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$ cnpm install @automattic/vip-go-internal-cli 
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VIP (Internal) CLI

Internal CLI Tools for VIP Go Sandboxes and the internal API.


Show available commands:

vipgo --help

You can append --help to any sub-command to see options and sub-sub-commands.


Make sure you have an open connection to the Automattic proxy and are able to tunnel local traffic to port 8080.

npm i -g @automattic/vip-go-internal-cli
vipgo config PROXY=socks://
vipgo login


To start hacking:

  1. Clone this repository.
  2. cd to the cloned directory.
  3. Run npm install to install dependencies.
  4. Hack the code.
  5. Build your changes using npm run build.
  6. Test your changes by calling node build/bin/vipgo.js.

Connecting to local VIP Go API

Note: changing this setting will also affect the installed npm package, and not only your cloned repository. Remember to clear this setting when you are done testing!

Testing in production is not good, so if you need to test against a locally running copy of GOOP, you can prepend a specific env variable to all commands as follows:

VIP_API_URL=http://localhost:2999 ./build/bin/vipgo.js sandbox list

To avoid typing every time, save the variable in your config file:

./build/bin/vipgo.js config VIP_API_URL=http://localhost:2999

Then re-login with a user id and token valid for your local GOOP installation. By default, the local GOOP development environment will accept user id 1 with an empty API token.

Note 1: Your development version will use the same config as the globally installed module and any changes to the config will impact that.

Note 2: You can use npm link to link your development copy with your globally installed version to simplify development.

Publishing a New Release

Major / Minor Versions

  1. npm run publish-please --dry-run to ensure there are no publishing blockers
  2. Set the version:
    1. npm version patch for small bugfixes
    2. npm version minor if there are some new features/fixes
  3. git push --tags
  4. npm run publish-please
  5. Edit the release in Github to include a description of the changes
  6. Manually bump the version in package.json to the next minor and append -dev
  7. git push
  8. Post on the VIP Go P2 with details about the new release

Note: doing the last two steps can help with debugging in case someone is running the dev version (via vipgo -V).

Patch Version

For a critical fix (or a small number of fixes), we can git checkout the last release and add/or cherry-pick some changes.

Then bump the version number with npm version patch and npm publish. This is especially nice if there are already some bigger changes in the master branch and you don’t want to push a normal release.


  • We don’t publish the src directory because it's not used and just makes builds larger (skipped via .npmignore).
  • Microsoft Windows users will require Windows 10 or later with a Linux Subsystem installed.

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