Configuration and scripts for Create React App.
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This package includes scripts and configuration used by Create React App.
Please refer to its documentation:

Automata Usage

Much of this plan is based on Maintaining a fork of create-react-app as an alternative to ejecting.

Including in project

Initialize a Create React App as you would without any customizations

  1. Make sure to have create-react-app installed (npm install -g create-react-app)
  2. Run create-react-app my-app

Update dependencies to point to our customized copy of react-scripts

NOTE: Ejecting from our custom react scripts may be untested and unstable. If you plan to eject for further customizations it may be wise to eject from the latest release from the upstream Facebook project.


TODO: document contributions

Syncing from Upstream with Backstroke

automatastudios/create-react-app@master should always mirror the upstream facebookincubator/create-react-app@master. To keep these in sync we've configured a bot via backstroke to submit PRs to the master branch in our project fork.

To then incorporate those updates in our custom-react-scripts branch we can rebase from master.

Automata Customization & Opinions

Browserslist Targets & package.json Requirements

I've removed any specified browserslist config (driving autoprefixer, other postcss plugins, babel) in favor of configuring on a project by project basis via a browserslist object in package.json. For example:

  "browserslist": [
    "> 1%",
    "last 2 versions"

If no browserslist config is present in package.json each tool will run with their default setup (may have unintended consequences).

ESLint & Babel

We're going to use ESLint to enforce a strict approach to coding errors, best practices/organization, and formatting. By extending AirBnB rules we can catch a lot of of sloppiness, be a bit more uniform while sharing code, as well as be less prone to errors.

Customizations from AirBnB guidelines include:

  • Allow JSX in JS files
  • PropTypes: Only ERROR on undeclared PropTypes if file already contains PropTypes
  • Console: Warn on console.log
  • Stateless Functions: Warn when a stateless function could be used
  • Bind: Warn on using bind in JSX handlers
  • Keys: Warn on using array index as key
  • Code Complexity: Warn if complexity is too great

Review the eslintOptions object in webpack configs for full linting customization.

ESLint rules documentation:

Inline SVGS

Inline SVG content was not enabled by default in CRA due to it's incompatibily with SVG sprites which some projects might use. Because we don't tend to use sprites we've confirgured loading of SVG source by default.

Future Enhancements

  • Investigate Prettier for formatting instead of ESLint

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