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$ cnpm install @atomist/sdm-pack-gitlab 
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An Atomist extension pack for Gitlab.


This pack adds Gitlab support to an Atomist SDM. This includes:

  • a credentials resolver to use a private access token


Install the dependency in your SDM project.

$ npm install @atomist/sdm-pack-gitlab

In order to use the credentials resolver, add the following code to your SDM definition:

sdm.configuration.sdm.credentialsResolver = new GitlabPrivateTokenCredentialsResolver();


General support questions should be discussed in the #support channel in the Atomist community Slack workspace.

If you find a problem, please create an issue.


You will need to install Node.js to build and test this project.

Build and test

Install dependencies.

$ npm install

Use the build package script to compile, test, lint, and build the documentation.

$ npm run build


Releases are handled via the Atomist SDM. Just press the 'Approve' button in the Atomist dashboard or Slack.


  • Add commands to create issues, tags, ...

Community contributions welcome!

Created by Atomist. Need Help? Join our Slack workspace.

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