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$ cnpm install @atlaskit/atlaskit-registry 
SYNC missed versions from official npm registry.


Note: I ran into some issues trying to load this package from the private repo so am moving to the @atlaskit/ scope

Generates a component registry website using component data fetched automatically from the AtlasKit repo.

There are two key steps which take place:

  1. Package analysis: Parses all packages in a monorepo using plugins to produce a consolidated snapshot.
  2. Website generation: Uses the snapshot from step 1 to produce a static website.

Step 1 above is handled by Panop.

Inspired by the Origami registry by Financial Times


npm install


# server now running at: http://localhost:3000/

If your Bitbucket account has 2FA enabled then BITBUCKET_PASS needs to be an app-password rather than your normal password.

Building for production

The npm package exposes an ak-registry command.

AK_REG_BUILD_DIR=~/Downloads/my-new-folder ak-registry

The generated site contains a JSON file at /api/atlaskit.json which can be used by external services.

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