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Cli for Ash framework



  • Install: npm install --global @ash-framework/cli
  • Executable: ash


Getting started

Before you begin

  1. Make sure you are running the latest version of node js (At least version 7)

  2. Install yarn

npm install --global yarn

Install cli

You can install the Ash cli either via yarn or npm

// option 1. via yarn
yarn global add @ash-framework/cli
// option 2. via npm
npm install --global @ash-framework/cli

Scaffold up a new project

mkdir my-awesome-project
cd my-awesome-project
ash init

Create your first route

ash generate route posts

Edit your app/routes/posts.js route file to return something from the provided model hook

// app/routes/posts.js
import Ash from '@ash-framework/ash'

export default class PostsRoute extends Ash.Route {
  model () {
    return [
      {id: 1, title: 'My post 1', description: 'WoW'},
      {id: 2, title: 'My post 2', description: 'WoWsErS'}

Run the server

ash server


Discover the release history by heading on over to the releases page.



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