Artifacter's Command Line Interface utility
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$ cnpm install @artifacter/cli 
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Command Line Interface for Artifacter

What's this? - Intro

This a Command Line Interface utility that connects to a running Artifacter Web API and provides artifact generation through a CLI. It follows a similar workflow as @artifacter/ui

How do I use this? - Install and options

A global install via npm is suggested, like this:

npm install -g @artifacter/cli

It requires setting the ARTIFACTER_API environment variable, which must contain the base url where Artifacter's Web API is hosted, by default it goes to http://localhost:8080.

export ARTIFACTER_API=http://yourownapi:8888
Interactive run

If you run the artifacter command without parameters, it will run in Full Interactive mode, where it will ask for every input required to achieve an artifact generation

Artifacter Command Line Interface (full interactive)
version 1.0.0

ARTIFACTER_API env variable is not set!, using the default configuration
Using Artifacter API at 'http://localhost:8080'
Form preset + Interactive run

If you use the --form switch, which specifies both the Form Configuration and Form Index to use, it will start asking only for the input of the preset form, the format is [form-configuration],[form-index]

artifacter --form 1,1
JSON input

With the --json switch, you can specify a json file to use directly as a request to the Artifacter Web API, without any interactive input.

artifacter --json inputRequest.json

Both the Interactive run and Form preset methods, generate a backup JSON file containing all the input values given in each interactive run.

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