JS bin helpers.
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$ cnpm install @articstudio/js-bin 
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JS bin helpers.


npm install js-bin


For launch a interactive menu execute (in the root folder of project):

node ./node_modules/.bin/jsbin


Add this script in your package.json

  "scripts": {
    "bin": "node ./node_modules/.bin/jsbin"

This package is composed by three big menus:

Git helpers:

Provides some commands to manage a simple tasks for git subtrees.

By default this command take a set of subtrees who indicate in package.json, attribute "config: subtree{}".

Git subtree menu:

Git subtree menu

JS helpers:

Provides some commands to manage a js tasks:

  • JS lint/ ES lint (Syntax checker)
  • JS unit test (pass all tests in /test directory)

JS Utilities:


Package.json helpers:

Provides some commands to manage a package.json file more easily:



This command, add a package into a module (subtree), this package will added into file package.json (in dependencies or devDependencies, deppends envoirment parameter) of module, and will install into root project (node_modules folder).

Update versions

Solve conflicts about versions from root project package.json, to module or modules package.json file.

Load packages

Load all module dependencies and devDependencies to root file package.json like devDependencies

Publish package

Publish package or module, to npm. (Needs a .npmrc file to register package to a private npm repository).

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