Fix for yarn's #760, puts all executables from node_modules into .bin, as npm usually does
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$ cnpm install @artemv/yarn-bin-fix 
SYNC missed versions from official npm registry.

yarn-link and npm-link node_modules/.bin/ fix

npm install my-package/yarn add my-package usually links all my-package' dependencies' bin executables into the top-most node_modules/.bin (recursively).

Currently, both npm link my-package / yarn link my-package and npm install folder don't do that. So if you have transitive dependencies (dependency of dependency) that has an executable, you will not be able to run it if linking with yarn/npm.

For example, you depend on standard which depend on eslint. When using npm install, you could just run eslint src and everything worked. With npm link standard this will not work.


Install it globally (for ease of access, not necessary).

npm i -g @artemv/yarn-bin-fix


After linking your module using npm link my-package or yarn link my-package, run yarn-bin-fix from your project's root.

Keep in mind that if you have postinstall scripts that use transitive dependencies, these will fail until you run this script.

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