Jasmine-jquery plugin for Jasmine in karma
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$ cnpm install @artemv/karma-jasmine-jquery 
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This Fork

It's one of forks implementing PR while the upstream repo is left unmaintained, removing obsolete and vulnerable extra dependencies.

Jasmine-jquery plugin for Jasmine in Karma.

It karma adapter for


Install the plugin from npm:

$ npm install @artemv/karma-jasmine-jquery


karma-jasmine-jquery has a dependency on jasmine, so you should use karma-jasmine as well before karma-jasmine-jquery. Please note the followings.

This plugin will only work for version karma-jasmine 2.0 and above.


karma will autoload all plugins, whose name start with karma-, you can import karma-jasmine-jquery plugins manually. Please refer to http://karma-runner.github.io/0.12/config/plugins.htmt for more details.

// karma.conf.js
module.exports = function(config) {

      frameworks: ['jasmine-jquery','jasmine']

The order('jasmine-jquery','jasmine') is important since it affects the order in which the files will be included to karma. Right order - reverse as karma works on the principle of LIFO stack.


This plugin already includes jquery version 2.1.1, it is used for the plugin. However, in the project, you can use a version of jquery (it can be both below and above) and they will not interfere with each other. When writing tests using jquery $ for the project, and to use jquery 2.1.1, use a global variable $j (it makes sense when you want to use when writing test jquery 2 opportunities that are not available in the current version of jquery used in your project, as I). Example of use:

// karma.conf.js
module.exports = function(config) {

      frameworks: ['jquery-1.3.2', 'jasmine-jquery', 'jasmine'],

// Jasmine test example

it('test1', function() {
    $().destroyWin('window'); // jquery 1.3.2
    expect($j('#window')).not.toBeInDOM(); // $j = jquery 2.1.1

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