String difference with colour for Node.js and ANSI formatting. [FREE]
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erte Colours Strings' Foreground And Background And Shows String Difference With Color.

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yarn add @artdeco/erte
npm i @artdeco/erte
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The package is available by importing its default and named functions:

import erte, { c, b } from 'erte'

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  source: string,
  target: string,
): string

Compares the strings using the diff package, and outputs a coloured version where strings don't match with green or red differences. Returns a string which uses shell-codes to highlight differences.

  • <kbd>source*</kbd> string: The string to compare.
  • <kbd>target*</kbd> string: The string to comparison against.
import erte from 'erte'

const s = 'test this string'
const e = 'test this string with extra data'
const m = 'test this'

const green = erte(s, e)

const red = erte(s, m)

const grey = erte(s, s)
test this string with extra data
test this string
test this string




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  string: string,
  color: Color,
  opts=: !Options,
): string

Colors the foreground using an ANSI sequence.

  • <kbd>string*</kbd> string: The string to color.
  • <kbd>color*</kbd> Color: The color to use.
  • <kbd>opts</kbd> !Options (optional): Additional options. Only available in the paid version.

Any text in strings can be coloured using the c and b methods. They accept a colour, and additional ANSI transformations.

('black' | 'red' | 'green' | 'yellow' | 'blue' | 'magenta' | 'cyan' | 'white' | 'grey') Color: The color to apply.

Options: Additional options. Only available in the paid version.

Name Type Description
bold boolean The bold ANSI.
underline boolean The ͟u͟n͟d͟e͟r͟l͟i͟n͟e͟ ANSI.
reverse boolean The reverse ANSI (inverses background and foreground).
conceal boolean The conceal ANSI (doesn't show symbols).
import { c } from 'erte'

const redText = c('RED ALERT', 'red', {
  underline: true,
  bold: true,
  conceal: true,
  reverse: true,


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  string: string,
  color: Color,
  opts=: !Options,
): string

Colors the background with specified ANSI color.

  • <kbd>string*</kbd> string: The string to color backgroud of.
  • <kbd>color*</kbd> Color: The color to use.
  • <kbd>opts</kbd> !Options (optional): Additional options. Only available in the paid version.
import { b } from 'erte'

const greenText = b('VEGAN', 'green')


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Copyright & License

The diff package is released under BSD License by Kevin Decker. Artwork by Erte.

GNU Affero General Public License v3.0

Art Deco © Art Deco™ 2020 AGPL-3.0

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