Easily upload and deploy your projects to REPL.it.

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$ cnpm install @archmaster/repl.it -g
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REPL.it Node

Easily upload and deploy your projects to REPL.it.

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# Or npm i -g @archmaster/repl.it
$ yarn global add @archmaster/repl.it
$ repl

This will upload your application to REPL.it and run it. Thanks to @mat1 who helped me with some of the APIs.

Different Types of REPLs

  • Normal REPLs

    These are your normal, everyday, REPLs. They print out some text, and exit. All the output will be logged.

  • Stuck REPLs

    If a REPL doesn't give any output for 8 seconds, REPL.it Node will exit and display it's URL, to prevent hanging the command-line tool.

  • Web REPLs

    These are REPLs that listen on a port. They will be assigned a URL that they are available on, which will be printed out. REPL.it Node will stop showing output from any REPL as soon as it listens on a port.

Installing Dependencies

If you have dependencies your application requires, REPL.it will attempt to install those automatically from your package.json. If you don't have a package.json file REPL.it will try to find all the packages you import with require().

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