Connects to an Aragonite server from inside a VirtualBox environment.
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$ cnpm install @aragonite/vbox-runner 
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Aragonite VirtualBox Runner

This runner provides an easy way to communicate with an Aragonite testing server from inside a VirtualBox to collect the current test details, and report the testing results back to the server.

This package includes a communication library, VBoxRunner.js that uses the aragonite-vbox API.

In addition to the library, a CLI utility (vbox-runner) provides a self-contained testing system that defines tasks to run in a YAML file, similar to the files used by GitLab CI and Travis CI.

CLI Usage

1. YAML File

vbox-runner uses a YAML file to configure functionality. A sample file is below.

port: 5720
repo: git
cwd: "~/my-project"
ignore_failure: true
  - echo "Success 55"
  - echo "Failure 12"
format: "goodbad"
  success: "Passed successfully"
  good: "Success ([0-9]+)"
  bad: "Failure ([0-9]+)"
  duration: "Total ([0-9]+)ms"  


The runner needs to connect to an aragonite-vbox instance on an Aragonite server. By default, it connects to the gateway IP, which is the host machine's IP address if VirtualBox's network is set to NAT.

Alternatively, host can be set to an IP address or URL of the Aragonite server.

aragonite-vbox defaults to using port 5720. Provide a port entry if the port has been changed in the Aragonite configuration.

Project Importing

The runner can automatically get files needed to test the project, and place them in the directory specified by cwd (defaulting to ~).

If repo is provided, the runner will attempt to fetch the project's files from the repository specified in the run configuration passed to Aragonite using the software specified by repo. Currently, only git is supported.

If repo isn't provided, the runner will download and unpack a file archive, if one was provided to the Aragonite run. This can be disabled by setting no-archive: true in the configuration.

Test Commands

The runner will run shell commands specified by script. Unless ignore_failure: true is provided in the YAML file, any script failures will abort the entire environment, and report an error to Aragonite.

Success/Failure parsing

Aragonite supports multiple formats of reports, to support different types of applications.

Specify the report format with format, e.g. "goodbad".

Report formats might define additional options, such as regular expressions to parse log outputs.

2. Installation

Inside a VirtualBox machine, install Node.js and Git, and then run npm install [-g] @aragonite/vbox-runner.

Have a script run on machine startup that calls aragonite-vbox-runner <YAML path>, calling the CLI command wherever it was installed, and providing the path to the YAML file containing the run configuration.

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