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$ cnpm install @aragon/contract-helpers-test 
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Aragon test helpers

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Test helpers for both generic Solidity and Aragon-related smart contracts.

???? This package is designed to be used in a web3.js@1 and Truffle v5 environment. If you are using ethers.js, you are likely much better served by waffle which comes batteries-included with most of the assertion matchers you'll need.

Quick start

Install with yarn add --dev @aragon/contract-helpers-test.

In your tests, you'll then import these utilities like so:

const { bn, getEvents, MAX_UINT256, ZERO_ADDRESS } = require('@aragon/contract-helpers-test')
const { assertEvent, assertRevert } = require('@aragon/contract-helpers-test/asserts')
const { newDao, newDaoFactory } = require('@aragon/contract-helpers-test/aragon-os')

A number of contract mocks are also accessible through @aragon/contract-helpers-test/contracts/ and may be useful for testing Aragon apps or other generic smart contracts. More documentation on these contract mocks is available in the contracts/ subdirectory.


The test helpers are grouped into several main exports:

Furthermore, the package also comes with:

Global state

The utilities exposed from the test helpers will automatically detect and bind to an injected Truffle environment (artifacts and web3).

However, it is possible to override this default binding or inject your own if none exist at the start of a file.


Individual utilities containing a trailing ctx parameter allow you to override the environment specifically for that single call.

type Artifacts = {
  require: (name: string) => TruffleContract,

type Context = {
  artifacts: Artifacts,
  web3: Web3,


Inject an artifacts object into the global default environment.

Note that all future calls will now reference this new artifacts object by default.


Inject a web3 object into the global default environment.

Note that all future calls will now reference this new web3 object by default.

Generic utilities


The following constants are available, and mostly self-explanatory:

  • Ethereum related
    • ZERO_BYTES32
  • Number related
    • MAX_UINT64
    • MAX_UINT192
    • MAX_UINT256
  • Time related
    • NOW: Date.now(), in seconds
    • TOMORROW: one day ahead of Date.now(), in seconds
    • NEXT_WEEK: one week ahead of Date.now(), in seconds
    • ONE_DAY: duration for one day, in seconds
    • ONE_WEEK: duration for one week, in seconds

Custom assertions

aragonOS utilities


The following constants are available:

  • ACL
    • ANY_ENTITY: address denoting any address has permission
    • BURN_MANAGER: address denoting a permission has been frozen via discarding (burning) its manager
  • EVM Scripts
    • EMPTY_CALLS_SCRIPT: empty CallsScript (with spec id 1)

aragonOS assertions

Smart contract mocks

Please visit the documentation available in contracts/.

Shell scripts


A utility script to start a local ganache-cli or solidity-coverage RPC node and initiate npx truffle test.

This script is generally considered deprecated but may be useful if your test framework still requires you to start a local test node manually.

If you haven't already done so, you may be interested in migrating to buidler, which handles this connection for you.

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