Apsis CLI is a tool to make life at Apsis RnD happier.
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$ cnpm install @apsis/cli 
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A set of handy tools for everyday development at Apsis.


npm install -g apsis-cli


Some tasks expects a configuration file to exist in HOME/.apsis/config.json. The current configuration keys are:

Name Description
slack.team The Slack team to post notifications to.
slack.token Slack token for incoming webhook.
slack.channel The Slack channel to post notifications to.
imgflip.user Imgflip user for generating memes.
imgflip.password Imgflip password for generating memes.

Once that is setup, run the tool with $> apsis. That will show you a menu of all available actions. You can also access actions directly by using their command. Eg. $> apsis tfs.

Available actions:

Name Alias Description
finish-branch fb Finish a feature or release branch in Git flow style.
tfs - Open the current repo in TFS.
pr - Open the current repo's PR page in TFS.

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