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$ cnpm install @apib2/me 
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API Blueprint to Me

Processes API Blueprints both locally and remotely. Useful for pre-processing blueprints which have includes in them and then publishing them to Apiary for example.

Quick Start

  1. Install the package globally
    npm i -g @apib2/me

Command Line Options

apib2me <source:destination> [options]


node ./bin/apib2me.js <source:destination> [options]
  • <source:destination>

    • Possible values:

      Name Description Parameters
      file Describes a local file source Input: -i <file-name>, Output: -o <file-name>
      apiary Remote Apiary.io source API Name: -a <api-name>, Access Token: -k <token>
    • The source is where the API Blueprint is obtained from.

    • The destination is where the processed blueprint is saved.

  • -i <input>, --input <input>

    Specify a file to obtain the input blueprint from.

  • -o <output>, --output <output>

    Default stdout

    Specify a file for where the processed output will be saved.

  • -a <api-name>, --apiName <api-name>

    Specify the Apiary api name for your project.

    Also known as the API Domain, e.x. api-name.docs.apiary.io

  • -k <apiary-token>, --apiaryToken <apiary-token>

    Specify the Apiary token which has access to read and write to your API.

    Can be obtained from your API settings within Apiary.

Example Commands

Processing a blueprint locally and saving to a new file

Without specifying both an input and destination, the source will be interpreted as both being the same source.

apib2me file -i input-blueprint.md -o output.md

Saving a blueprint from Apiary

apib2me apiary:file -a apiname -k apiarytoken -o output-file.apib

Publishing a blueprint to Apiary

apib2me file:apiary -a apiname -k apiarytoken -i api-blueprint.apib

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