Generate a CRUD application built with React, Redux and React Router from an Hydra-enabled API

this package has been deprecated in favor of @api-platform/client-generator
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$ cnpm install @api-platform/generate-crud 
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API Platform CRUD Generator

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A generator to scaffold a React/Redux app with Create-Retrieve-Update-Delete features for any API exposing a Hydra documentation. Works especially well with APIs built with the API Platform framework.


npm install -g @api-platform/generate-crud


api-platform-generate-crud https://demo.api-platform.com/ output/ --resource Book


  • Generate high-quality ES6 components and files built with React, Redux, React Router and Redux Form including:
    • A list view
    • A creation form
    • An edition form
    • A deletion button
  • Use the Hydra API documentation to generate the code
  • Generate the suitable HTML5 input type (number, date...) according to the type of the API property
  • Display of the server-side validation errors under the related input (if using API Platform Core)
  • Client-side validation (required attributes)
  • The generated HTML is compatible with Bootstrap and include mandatory classes
  • The generated HTML code is accessible to people with disabilities (ARIA support)
  • The Redux and the React Router configuration is also generated


The documentation of API Platform CRUD Generator can be browsed on the docs repository.


Created by Kévin Dunglas. Sponsored by Les-Tilleuls.coop. Commercial support available upon request.

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