Simple command-line file / directory server built with connect
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$ cnpm install @amio/serve -g
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Handy http/https server, evolved from TJ's original serve, which inspired by nodejitsu's http-server.

Original serve is awesome, but seems lacks of maintenance these days, there's some useful fixes & features added to the codebase since it's latest release in Mar 2014, but couldn't get landed to users, it's more than two years by now.
So here is this ongoing serve, and also an opinionated serve, which removed support for jade and stylus, for a much smaller installation footprint.

Difference with serve:

  • Doesn't support jade and stylus (Opinionated),
  • so comes minimal installation footprint (1.8M vs 15M).
  • -o, --open opens a browser window to this server.
  • -s, --https also serve over https.


$ npm install -g @amio/serve


Usage: serve [options] [dir]


  -h, --help                output usage information
  -V, --version             output the version number
  -o, --open                opens a browser window to this server
  -a, --auth <user>:<pass>  specify basic auth credentials
  -F, --format <fmt>        specify the log format string
  -p, --port <port>         specify the port [3000]
      --https-port <port>   specify the port [3443]
  -H, --hidden              enable hidden file serving
  -I, --no-icons            disable icons
  -L, --no-logs             disable request logging
  -D, --no-dirs             disable directory serving
  -f, --favicon <path>      serve the given favicon
  -c, --cors                allows cross origin access serving
  -s, --https               also serve over https
      --key                 key file path for https
      --cert                certificate file for https
      --ca                  CA certificate file for https
      --compress            gzip or deflate the response
      --exec <cmd>          execute command on each request


HTTP Accept support built into connect.directory():

$ curl http://localhost:3000/ -H "Accept: text/plain"


Requesting a file:

$ curl http://localhost:3000/README.md

Requesting JSON for the directory listing:

$ curl http://localhost:3000/ -H "Accept: application/json"

Directory listing served by serve-index middleware.


MIT License (c) 2011 TJ Holowaychuk

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