Awesome data dispatcher system, cloud drive system.
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Open drive

Awesome data dispatcher system, cloud drive system.

Base on Alicloud OSS + TableStore.

Power by koa2(node.js).

1. Usage

(1) Requirement

Node.js >= 8.0 is required.

(2) Installation

npm i -g @alicloud/open-drive

(3) configure file

create a config file: ./config.js, see conf/index.js for sample.

fill the nessary fields in ./config.js. Follow this steps

(4) Start server

opendrive -c ./config.js

# Or start like this (After you move ./config.js to ~/.open-drive-config.js)
opendrive serve

Open http://localhost:3000 in browser.

  • Note: First login user will be set as SuperAdmin.
opendrive -h  # for more

2. Multi node deployment

(1) Use multi-processing mode in enterprise scene

opendrive -m  # multi-processing mode (in one node) 

(2) Deploy on more than one machine

  • Note: You have to copy rsa-key.js to every node, make sure they are the same keys.

3. Dev Environment Requirement

(1) clone source code

git clone git@github.com:aliyun/open-drive.git

cd open-drive
npm i          # install dependent modules
cd ui && npm i

(2) configure file

cp conf/index.js ~/.open-drive-config.js

then fill the nessary fields in .open-drive-config.js file

(3) start server

start server in dev mode

npm run dev

(4) build dist

npm run build

(5) what's next

See DEV.md for more.



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