Alfred workflow for TLDR docs
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$ cnpm install @alexlafroscia/tldr-alfred-workflow 
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Alfred workflow for TLDR docs



The workflow can be installed as a global NPM dependency. This makes it really easy to keep things up to date, since you can just upgrade to the latest version through NPM.

npm install --global @alexlafroscia/tldr-alfred-workflow

However, if you don't like global NPM packages, you can always clone the repo and install the dependencies; that will set up the workflow as well. The downside is that you'll need to keep the repo updated to the latest version manually, and install the dependencies again after each update.

git clone https://github.com/alexlafroscia/tldr-alfred.git
cd tldr-alfred
yarn install # Or `npm install` if you don't have yarn

Requires Node.js 8+ and the Alfred Powerpack.


In Alfred, type tldr followed by the name of a command you want to search for, such as man.

Continue typing to filter the results by the contents of the code example.

More Features

  • Pressing CMD-C on a result will copy the code example to the keyboard
  • Pressing CMD-L on any of the results will show the full Markdown description of the command
  • Pressing CMD-Y on any of the results will show the TLDR webpage for the command in the Quicklook window


If you want to (especially if you're running into rate limiting issues) you can provide your Github username and personal API token to authenticate your requests. You can set environment variables called username and password, with the former being your Github username and the latter being a personal access token that you can generate here.


Q: I'm getting an error about rate limiting? What's going on?

I noticed during development that after hitting their API repeatedly, Github started sending 403 responses. If you wait a bit, you should be able to make requests again. Alternatively, try setting a username/password as detailed above.


MIT © Alex LaFroscia

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