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$ cnpm install @alexjpaz/cody -g
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Code repository management


What is Cody?

Cody is a command line utilitity program that helps get various git projects organized and easy to find. The code.d directory in your home folder contains the git urls and acts as an index for your projects.

# ~/.code.d/github.com

Cody can then run various tasks for these repositories

  • pull [pattern] - pull down all matching repositories
  • search [pattern] - find the directory the repository is in (see shell integration
  • open [pattern] - open the git repository in the browser (useful for github.com repositories)


yarn global add cody

You will need to add some git repo urls to the ~/.code.d directory.

mkdir -o ~/.code.d/
echo "git@github.com:alexjpaz/cody.git" >> ~/.code.d/github.com


Pull all repositories

cody pull

Search for a repository and print the directory

cody cody

Shell Integration

In order to get the benefit of some features in cody you will need to copy the following into your shell configuration


function cody_cd() {
    $(npm bin cody)
    cd $(cat /tmp/cody_result)

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