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$ cnpm install @adobe/create-aio-lib 
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CLI tool to create AIO Libs

This uses this template.

Usage (npm)

Make sure you have npm version 6.1.0 or greater:

npm --version

Then run:

npm init @adobe/aio-lib <library_name> <repo_name> [options]

where <library_name> is the name of your library (this will create the folder in the current working directory by default)

Usage (cli)

npx @adobe/create-aio-lib <library_name> <repo_name> [options]

where <library_name> is the name of your library where <repo_name> is the scoped name of your repo


Creates an AIO Lib

  $ create-aio-lib LIBNAME REPONAME

  LIBNAME   the name of the library
  REPONAME  the repo of the library

  -h, --help                     show CLI help

  -o, --outputDir=outputDir      folder to output the library in (defaults to
                                 the current working folder)

  -t, --templateUrl=templateUrl  the template to use

  -v, --version                  show CLI version

  -w, --overwrite                overwrite any existing output folder

       create-aio-lib MyLibClass myOrg/myRepo


Contributions are welcomed! Read the Contributing Guide for more information.


This project is licensed under the Apache V2 License. See LICENSE for more information.

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