ADDITIVE Command Line Tool (CoLT) to make development in-house easier!

this package has been deprecated
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$ cnpm install @additive/colt 
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This package provides some CLI tools for use with some ADDITIVE projects.


npm install --save-dev @additive/colt


we are using cosmiconfig


Usage: packager|p [options] [dest]

Zip some files and folders to an comfortable package.

  --files [files...]      optional array of files
  --folders [folders...]  optional array of folders
  --globs [globs...]      optional globs of files or folders
  -h, --help              output usage information

or add options via the config file:

  packager: {
    files: ["index.js"],
    folders: ["src/"],
    globs: ["package*.json", ".*/"],
    destination: "tmp",
    filename: "additive-backup"


Usage: uploader|u [options]

Upload files and folders to a remote source. Options can be set in a separate config file.

  -h, --help  output usage information

add options via the config file:

  uploader: {
    sources: [
    includes: [
    excludes: ['.git/', 'logs', '._*', '.*/', '.*', 'node_modules/'],
    config: {
      host: '',
      port: 22, // default
      user: 'root',
      pass: '',
      local: './',
      remote: '/srv/var/apache/vhosts',
      dryrun: true // run without syncing to the server

At the moment we can not automaticall pass the password to rsync, that is why it will be copied into your clipboard. If we want to use it, we need to use sshpass on server side or any other solution.

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