A command line utility that generates Composerjs style client and server application code from one or more OpenAPI specification files.
$ cnpm install @acceleratxr/axr-compose 
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AcceleratXR Compose

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A command line utility that generates Composer based projects from an OpenAPI specification.

Supported Languages & Platforms

This tool can generate client and server projects for the following list of languages and platforms.

Language / Platform Type Description
cpp (C++) client C++ SDK library
csharp (C#) client C# SDK library
typescript client TypeScript/JavaScript SDK library
nodejs server Standalone NodeJS server


Usage: axr-compose -i <input> -o <output> -l <language> -t <type>

                -i --input      The input OpenAPI specification file to generate from.
                                Accepts JSON or YAML formatted files. Specify this option multiple times to merge files.
                -o --output     The destination path to write all files to.
                -l --language   The desired output language to generate.
                                Supported Languages:
                -t --type       The type of project to generate.
                                Supported Types:

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