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This package uses the tv4 JSON Schema validator, and the formats provided by the tv4-formats. It loads all the referenced JSON schemas over the internet to bootstrap tv4.


Validator.simple('http://json-schema.org/geo', function (error, v) {

        {latitude: 53.0, longitude: 43.0},



echo '{"json": "to validate"}' | json-validate http://some.type.id/



v = new Validator(schemaUris);

schemaUris: array of schema Uris to load (can be a string in the case of single URI)


v.fetchSchemas(schemaLoader, callback)

Load schemas over the net with schemaLoader(url, callback) and add to tv4 validator. All URI-s to be loaded: given in constructor and referenced by "$ref" clause in each loaded schema. Circular references get resolved.


v.validate(json, typeId)

Do validation of json against schema defined by typeId

Possible type Ids are:

validate() returns the tv4 validation result object. It will throw an Error if the schema for the passed typeId has not been loaded (fetched).


Validator.simple(uris, callback)

Just a shortcut for getting validator bootstrapped using request as schema loader

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