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$ cnpm install @aasaam/pwa-tools -g
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Generic tools for generate optimized icons and manifest for your PWA.


GNU/Linux (prefer Ubuntu) via installed following packages:

sudo apt install potrace librsvg2-bin imagemagick netpbm


sudo npm install -g @aasaam/pwa-tools --unsafe-perm


Initialize AASAAM config

pwa-tools init

After init the aasaam configuration default generated and you can modify to generate items.

// .aasaam
  "meta": {
    "appName": "AASAAM Software Group",
    "appShortName": "AASAAM",
    "appDescription": "AASAAM Software Group - Dadeh Pardazan Ati Prozheh",
    "developerName": "AASAAM Software Group - Development",
    "developerURL": "https://github.com/AASAAM"
  "humans": { // humans.txt
    "team": [
        "Original developer": "AASAAM Development Group",
        "Location": "Tehran, Iran"
    "thanks": [
    "site": {
      "Standards": "HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript",
      "Components": "Vue.js, Normalize.css",
      "Softwares": "VSCode, Atom, GNU nano"
    "note": "Built with love by AASAAM Software Group"
  "path": { // relative path on cwd on pwa-tools command
    "logo": "logo.svg",
    "public": "public",
    "iconsPath": "img/icons"
  "favicons": { // https://github.com/itgalaxy/favicons
    "density": 900, // svg density for scale
    "path": "/img/icons",
    "dir": "ltr",
    "lang": "en-US",
    "background": "#ffffff",
    "theme_color": "#ffffff",
    "appleStatusBarStyle": "black-translucent",
    "display": "standalone",
    "orientation": "any",
    "scope": "/",
    "start_url": "/?home-screen=1",
    "version": "0.0.1",
    "logging": false,
    "pixel_art": false,
    "loadManifestWithCredentials": false,
    "icons": {
      "android": true,
      "appleIcon": true,
      "appleStartup": true,
      "coast": true,
      "favicons": true,
      "firefox": true,
      "windows": true,
      "yandex": true

Show modified config:

pwa-tools show-config

Generate icons ans stuff

pwa-tools generate-icons

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