Scaffolding tool for React
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$ cnpm install @99xt/react-cli 
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Scaffolding tool for React

react-cli is a command line interface which brings smooth developer experience (DX) for React devs. react-cli provides a better way to generate react projects with react-boilerplate. With this tool it's possible to continue generating boilerplate code with heavy customizations once a project is initiated.


$ npm install -g @99xt/react-cli


react init [name]

alias: i


Project name.


  • -l Add eslint configuration.

react generate component [module] [component]

alias: g


Module name where the react component should be placed within. (Subdirectory within components directory)


React component name.

react generate test [module] [component]

alias: g

Create React component.


Module name where the test file should be placed within. (Subdirectory within tests directory)


Test file name.

react view -c -t

alias: v

View react components and test files.


  • -c View React components file directory.

  • -t View tests file directory.

react config [key] [value]

alias: c

Change configuration in .reactclirc.


Key for configuration example: client


Value for configuration example: src (source directory)

Configuring existing projects

To use react-cli in existing React project navigate to directory where React components are created. Create react-cli configuration file, .reactclirc (similar to .babelrc). Add configuration in key value pairs.

	"client": "src" 

This specifies that React components are placed in src/components directory.


  • Initiate React projects
  • Create React components
  • Create test files
  • Interactive view of the component structure


Contributor guidelines

  • Fork the repository.
  • Clone the forked repository.
  • Create your own branch.
  • Create tests and make sure tests pass on travis.
  • Create a pull request with changes made.

For more information refer CONTRIBUTING.md


MIT © 99XT

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