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$ cnpm install @3fs/eslint-config-3fs 
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An ESLint Shareable Config


npm install eslint-config-3fs [eslint]


Shareable configs are designed to work with the extends feature of .eslintrc files. You can learn more about Shareable Configs on the official ESLint website.

To use this shareable config, first run this:

npm install --save-dev eslint eslint-config-3fs

Then, add this to your .eslintrc(.js|.json|.yml) file:

  "extends": "3fs"

Note: We omitted the eslint-config- prefix since it is automatically assumed by ESLint.

You can override settings from the shareable config by adding them directly into your .eslintrc file.

All available configs

  • 3fs - ES5 config
  • 3fs/configs/esnext - ES6 config
  • 3fs/configs/node - NodeJS config
  • 3fs/configs/ng - AngularJS config; Requires eslint-plugin-angular
  • 3fs/configs/react - [WIP] React config; Requires eslint-plugin-react

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