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Helm Chart for Oneindex


This Oneindex chart installs setzero/oneindex in a Kubernetes cluster.


  • Kubernetes cluster 1.10+
  • Helm 2.8.0+


Download the chart

Download Oneindex helm chart code.

git clone

Checkout the tag.

git checkout tag_name
cd submitted/oneindex

Configure the chart

The following items can be configured in values.yaml or set via --set flag during installation.

Configure the way how to expose Oneindex service:

  • Ingress: The ingress controller must be installed in the Kubernetes cluster.
  • ClusterIP: Exposes the service on a cluster-internal IP. Choosing this value makes the service only reachable from within the cluster.
  • NodePort: Exposes the service on each Node’s IP at a static port (the NodePort). You’ll be able to contact the NodePort service, from outside the cluster, by requesting NodeIP:NodePort.
  • LoadBalancer: Exposes the service externally using a cloud provider’s load balancer.

Configure the way how to persistent data:

  • Disable: The data does not survive the termination of a pod.
  • Persistent Volume Claim(default): A default StorageClass is needed in the Kubernetes cluster to dynamic provision the volumes. Specify another StorageClass in the storageClass or set existingClaim if you have already existing persistent volumes to use.

Configure the other items listed in configuration section.

Install the chart

Install the Oneindex helm chart with a release name my-oneindex:

# helm v2
helm install . \
  --name my-oneindex \

# helm v3
helm install my-oneindex . \


To uninstall/delete the my-oneindex deployment:

# helm v2
helm delete --purge my-oneindex

# helm v3
helm uninstall my-oneindex


The following table lists the configurable parameters of the Oneindex chart and the default values.

Parameter Description Default
replicaCount Number of desired pods. This is a pointer to distinguish between explicit zero and not specified. 1
strategy The deployment strategy to use to replace existing pods with new ones. RollingUpdate-maxUnavailable: 0
image.repository Repository for oneindex image
image.tag Tag for oneindex image alpine-91b40ba6
image.pullPolicy The image pull policy IfNotPresent
annotations Annotations to add to the oneindex deployment {}
podAnnotations Annotations to add to the oneindex pod {}
resources The [resources] to allocate for container undefined
nodeSelector Node labels for pod assignment {}
tolerations Tolerations for pod assignment []
affinity Node/Pod affinities {}
env The [available options] that can be used to customize your oneindex installation. {}
expose.type The way how to expose the service: ingressclusterIPloadBalancer or nodePort ingress
expose.tls.enabled Enable the tls or not false
expose.tls.secretName Fill the name of secret if you want to use your own TLS certificate. The secret must contain keys named:tls.crt - the certificate, tls.key - the private key, ca.crt - the certificate of CA.These files will be generated automatically if the secretName is not set
expose.tls.certExpiry Automatically generated self-signed certificate validity period(day) 3650 The host of oneindex service in ingress rule oneindex.cluster.local
expose.ingress.annotations The annotations used in ingress The name of ClusterIP service Release.Name
expose.clusterIP.port The service port oneindex listens on when serving with HTTP 80 The name of NodePort service Release.Name
expose.nodePort.port The service port oneindex listens on when serving with HTTP 80
expose.nodePort.nodePort The node port oneindex listens on when serving with HTTP The name of LoadBalancer service Release.Name
expose.loadBalancer.port The service port oneindexÎ listens on when serving with HTTP 80
persistence.enabled Enable the data persistence or not false
persistence.resourcePolicy Setting it to keep to avoid removing PVCs during a helm delete operation. Leaving it empty will delete PVCs after the chart deleted keep
persistence.existingClaim Use the existing PVC which must be created manually before bound, and specify the subPath if the PVC is shared with other components
persistence.storageClass Specify the storageClass used to provision the volume. Or the default StorageClass will be used(the default). Set it to - to disable dynamic provisioning
persistence.accessMode The access mode of the volume ReadWriteMany
persistence.size The size of the volume 5Gi