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Is this the right time to switch from Java to Kotlin for Android developers?

简介: Chatti Aro, former CEO at BingAnswered Tue While Java is one of the world's most widely used programming languages and is pre...

Chatti Aro, former CEO at Bing
Answered Tue

While Java is one of the world's most widely used programming languages and is pretty much the official language of Android development, there are many reasons why Java might not always be the best option for your Android projects.
The biggest issue is that Java isn’t a modern language, and although Java 8 was a huge step forward for the platform, introducing lots of features that developers had been waiting for (including lambda functions), at the time of writing Android only supports a subset of Java 8 features. It seems unlikely that Android developers will be reaping the full benefits of Java 8 anytime soon, so for the foreseeable future if you want to use Java in your Android projects, then you’re pretty much stuck with Java 7.
Java as a whole also has some pretty well-documented language issues, including endless try
blocks, a lack of extendability, null-unsafety (and that infamous NullPointerException
), not to mention a lack of support for functional programming features. Although Java is starting to add some functional programming elements, such as lambda expressions and functional interfaces, at its core Java is still a procedural language. Java’s syntax is also pretty verbose, particularly when compared to many modern programming languages.
Source Java vs. Kotlin: Should You Be Using Kotlin for Android Development?

Rahul Sakaria, B.Tech IT from SRM University (2018)
Answered Sep 12

Yes. It is high time that you switch from Java to Kotlin as Google has made it an official language for Android apps. In future mostly all the Android apps will be built on Kotlin. It is very fast and compact. So start to learn Kotlin and keep things in touch with java too as millions of apps have been already made on Java.
Kotlin has a good scope and it will make the app better and efficient.
Thank you.

Mayank Shekhar, works at SRM University
Answered Fri

Well it totally depends on you, if you are really comfortable with java and have a really good command of it then it doesn’t necessarily required that you should know kotlin.
It totally depends on you, but in the next five years kotlin will be the trend for the android app development so its a better choice to go into kotlin. Kotlin comprises of the power of vast library of java with the enhanced architecture of java script so it good to learn or switch to it. But no need to hurry to learn kotlin i would not say that its the high time soon for kotlin.

Shailendra Jain, works at IBM
Answered Wed

Motion is very powerful , you should start mastering the language asap. Within a year or two you will see lots of project/ enterprises moving to Kotlin.


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