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MVVM Hands-on-lab

简介:  关于MVVM的一个动手实验,在 VS2010可以直接使用和体验。 具体参考:  Introduction to Model-...
 关于MVVM的一个动手实验,在 VS2010可以直接使用和体验。


Introduction to Model-View-ViewModel

This hands-on-lab is intended to be an introduction to the Model-View-ViewModel (MVVM) pattern. It integrates directly inside Visual Studio, with documentation, examples and even automatic code snippet copying all in one place. Although there are other MVVM tutorials available on the web, few take the time to walk through the pattern step-by-step using examples that are easy to understand, and illustrate the benefits of MVVM in a concrete way.


  • The motivation and benefits of MVVM
  • The basics of the MVVM pattern
  • How to transform an event-based WPF application into one using MVVM
  • How to write unit tests in an MVVM application
  • It is not intended to be a replacement for larger MVVM community libraries


  1. Creating a traditional event-based application
  2. Refactoring the application to use MVVM
  3. Unit Testing the MVVM application 

Getting Started

  • Download the VSIX file
  • Open the file
  • Start Visual Studio 2010 (or restart if already running)
  • Create a new project using the template in the "Intro to MVVM" folder

Technical Requirements

  • C#
  • Basic WPF experience