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RabbitMQ 3.6.7 发布,AMQP 消息服务器


RabbitMQ 是由 LShift 提供的一个 Advanced Message Queuing Protocol (AMQP) 的开源实现。

RabbitMQ 3.6.7 是一个维护版本,包含一个重做的新管理插件,用于在所有集群节点(而不是一个专用节点)上存储收集的统计信息。



Bug Fixes

Queue master process could terminate with a {bad_match, {error, not_found}} error.

rabbitmq-service.bat should exit with a non-0 code when installation fails.

rabbitmqctl stop_app now produces a more technically correct output about
what the operation does.


Nodes in a cluster now can be restared in arbitrary order. They will attempt to contact
one of the previously seen peers periodically (10 times with 30 second intervals by default).

Increased credit flow default settings, background GC is disabled by default for more predictable latency.

TLS listeners now support SNI (via Ranch 1.3.0).

Successful connection authentication now leaves additional log entries, just like authentication failures. It is now easier to see from the log what user connected to what vhost.

Internal authentication backend now supports credential validators.

Worker process shutdown timeout now can be configured.


更新内容较多,涉及到 Delayed Message Exchange 插件、AMQP 1.0 插件、Event Exchange 插件、Federation 插件、Shovel 插件、MQTT 插件、.NET 客户端、Java 客户端、Management 插件 以及 Server 方面的更新。