Scales worker nodes within autoscaling groups.

Scales worker nodes within autoscaling groups.


This chart has been deprecated as of version 0.3.1 and will not be updated. Please use the cluster-autoscaler chart instead.

The cluster autoscaler on AWS scales worker nodes within an AWS autoscaling group.


$ helm install <helm-repo>/aws-cluster-autoscaler -f values.yaml

Where values.yaml contains:

  - name: your-asg-name
    maxSize: 10
    minSize: 1


This chart bootstraps an aws-cluster-autoscaler deployment on a Kubernetes cluster using the Helm package manager.


  • Kubernetes 1.3+ with Beta APIs enabled

Installing the Chart

In order for the chart to configure the aws-cluster-autoscaler properly during the installation process, you must provide some minimal configuration which can't rely on defaults. This includes at least one element in the autoscalingGroups array and its three values: name, minSize and maxSize. These parameters cannot be passed to helm using the --set parameter at this time, so you must supply these using a values.yaml file such as:

  - name: your-asg-name
    maxSize: 10
    minSize: 1

To install the chart with the release name my-release:

$ helm install <helm-repo>/aws-cluster-autoscaler --name my-release -f values.yaml

The command deploys aws-cluster-autoscaler on the Kubernetes cluster using the supplied configuration. The configuration section lists the parameters that can be configured during installation.

Tip: List all releases using helm list

Verifying Installation

The chart will succeed even if the three required parameters are not supplied. To verify the aws-cluster-autoscaler is configured properly find a pod that the deployment created and describe it. It must have a --nodes argument supplied to the ./cluster-autoscaler app under Command. For example (all other values are omitted for brevity):


Uninstalling the Chart

To uninstall/delete the my-release deployment:

$ helm delete my-release

The command removes all the Kubernetes components associated with the chart and deletes the release.


The following table lists the configurable parameters of the aws-cluster-autoscaler chart and their default values.

Parameter Description Default
autoscalingGroups[].name autoscaling group name None. You must supply at least one.
autoscalingGroups[].maxSize maximum autoscaling group size None. You must supply at least one.
autoscalingGroups[].minSize minimum autoscaling group size None. You must supply at least one.
awsRegion AWS region us-east-1
image.repository Image
image.tag Image tag v0.5.4
image.pullPolicy Image pull policy IfNotPresent
extraArgs additional container arguments {}
nodeSelector node labels for pod assignment {}
podAnnotations annotations to add to each pod {}
replicaCount desired number of pods 1
resources pod resource requests & limits {}
scaleDownDelay time to wait between scaling operations 10m (10 minutes)
service.annotations annotations to add to service none
service.clusterIP IP address to assign to service ""
service.externalIPs service external IP addresses []
service.loadBalancerIP IP address to assign to load balancer (if supported) ""
service.loadBalancerSourceRanges list of IP CIDRs allowed access to load balancer (if supported) []
service.servicePort service port to expose 8085
service.type type of service to create ClusterIP
skipNodes.withLocalStorage don't terminate nodes running pods that use local storage false
skipNodes.withSystemPods don't terminate nodes running pods in the kube-system namespace true

Specify each parameter you'd like to override using a YAML file as described above in the installation section.

You can also specify any non-array parameter using the --set key=value[,key=value] argument to helm install. For example,

$ helm install <helm-repo>/aws-cluster-autoscaler --name my-release \
    --set awsRegion=us-west-1

IAM Permissions

The worker running the cluster autoscaler will need access to certain resources and actions:

    "Version": "2012-10-17",
    "Statement": [
            "Effect": "Allow",
            "Action": [
            "Resource": "*"

Unfortunately AWS does not support ARNs for autoscaling groups yet so you must use "*" as the resource. More information here.

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    Add repository

    helm repo add stable

    Install chart

    helm install stable/aws-cluster-autoscaler --version 0.3.3
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